Is it Easy to Step Into a Life of Purpose?

For the past few years, I’ve been on a rollercoaster of self-discovery.

It’s been at times incredibly joyful, at others unbelievably frustrating. I’ve meditated in the moonlight, smashed glass in rituals to Kali, written erotic romance, revealed my past lives, and walked a hero’s journey. The one constant has been that I always seem to be on the verge of quitting.

It’s not easy. Not at all. 

You’d think right now I’d be on a self-congratulatory high for publishing Classes with Cho. Ha! That’s the thing with self-doubt, isn’t it? No matter what you do, it never seems quite as good as you think you ought to have done.

Instead of celebrating, I am mired in creative exhaustion. I am unemployed and broke, sleeping and snacking on junk instead of writing. Self-sabotaging. I had a dream the other night that I should join a group of friends in the NaNoWriMo challenge by writing Cho’s messages again, and I woke up full of enthusiasm. I was going to do it!

At 7:30 a.m. I seemed on track. Then I went to the bathroom and started re-reading a sci-fi fantasy novel I had sitting in there. When I came out the sink of breakfast dishes was staring at me in recrimination. I did the dishes. I wiped the counters. Then I sat down in front of the computer and started a new file. It was 8:32 a.m. All looked good for a focused half-hour.

Then my husband walked in the door. Should I ignore him? I wanted to. Can I ignore him? No.

I stood up and greeted him; stood for ten minutes of idle chit chat before he headed back to work. Sat back down at the computer. Was Cho there?

I closed my eyes and breathed deep, allowed my fingers to relax over the keys. They started typing. What was coming out? Drivel! Disconnected thoughts and nonsensical themes.

I stopped. This makes no sense! I typed. I got an answer: “Dirty filters don’t produce clear water. Unsettled minds are hard to communicate with. You are unsettled, unaware. You need to go now and calm yourself. For without calm and silence there is no communication.”

Ha! And double ha! I took the hint and went to meditate. Then I fell asleep on the couch. What a super productive start to the day!

Breaking through and rising above. 

Another day dawned. Today I would write! Lying on the acupuncture table at 8:33 a.m. I burst out laughing. I’d skipped class for an acupuncture session … again! But I could catch up. Would catch up. Did catch up. I wrote from 9:17 a.m. to 10:03 a.m. when Cho bid me farewell. This is what we said:

heart-flame2Cho returns.

“Good morning. I had such good intentions yesterday, and then today I had an acupuncture appointment. So I am not on time, as always. Some things never change.”

“But much has changed, child. Welcome to a new world, a new universe that will continue you onwards and carry us into a new lifespan and a new experiment.

You are part of the fun, no? You are ready for the ride?” Cho chortled and I sensed him looking at me, but I could not see him. I was uncertain, my fingers hesitating as I typed. Was this really Cho?

“You are feeling unsure? I wanted to thank you, child for completing my previous task and publishing your book. Now the knowledge is out there, and will be read by those who need it. Do not worry or wonder about how many you are reaching, for the numbers are unimportant. What is important is that you were able to overcome your fears and break through. Are you proud of what you did?”

“Not really, it seemed too easy. After all, I didn’t write it, you did! If I take credit for it then it seems as if I wrote it … and if I wrote it then it is not real knowledge!”

“Who says that you are not able to speak the truth, child? Are you not an star seed like all of us, like every incarnate soul? Each is able to speak the truth, but just as yesterday you were unable to write clearly what I was communicating, then so many people are closed to the knowledge that they have access to.

Clear vessels hear the truth. If your mind is cluttered and cloudy, then you can not understand the difference between the knowledge that is true and that which is false. You saw this yesterday. You sat and tried to write but the words that came through were nonsense. So why today can you hear me and write what I am telling you when yesterday you could not?

This is a real question, child. Think and answer.” Cho paused, and looked at me. “Do not take the most obvious choice,” he advised.

 “Uh. Well, I was going to say because I was tired, my brain was foggy,” I said.

“Why were you tired?”

“Because I was emotionally messed up,” I admitted. I’d argued with my husband, and we’d spiraled into the familiar defense and wounded ego scenario we played so often.

What is your water? 

“Exactly,” Cho needed with satisfaction. “You were not tired because you hadn’t meditated or done yoga, or any of the many things you know bring you calm. Yes, these things would have helped, but you are now maintaining a calm that is natural. You have tapped into the source and can draw from it. BUT when you fall into the trap of anger, or frustration, then you block yourself. You are like a blindfolded man who is dying of thirst but unable to see the water in front of him. There is nothing stopping him from reaching out, stepping out, from taking the refreshment other than himself. He is unaware, and so he sits still and his body slowly withers.” He paused and asked a question. “Do you have a cup of water in front of you?”

“No, but I have a cup of tea!” I joked. I knew that the water he referred to was metaphorical but I expected Cho to appreciate my smart-ass humor.

Instead he frowned. “You are flippant. The time for joking is past, we must be serious. I ask again: Do you have a cup of water in front of you?”

I settled myself, closed my eyes for a second as I considered his question. “I do. My water is walking outside and touching nature,” I answered.

“Good. Now, everyone reading this: I want you to take a moment and think on what is your water, your refreshment. Do not take the obvious. All forms of meditation, yes, are a way to refresh your spiritual well, but this is like saying that a river is filled with water.

Of course this is true, but sometimes the day is hot, the river is far away and the water hard to reach. Maybe there is a source of refreshment that is more enticing for you than river water?

Something that you would choose to do out of the bliss it gives you, but you discount as ‘unimportant’ or a ‘waste of time’.

What is that thing? What is your water?”

Keep silence in your soul.

After a second’s pause, Cho continued his lecture. “So on Monday you ignored all indications your body gave you that it was tired. You ignored the urge to sit outside and be still instead sitting in front of the computer and wasting time in a vain effort to work when your mind was not in a place it could work. You hurt yourself and you were angry. Yesterday, again, you refused to listen to your body until you were unable to communicate with me. Then you sat and meditated, slept. But instead of accepting that you had done what you needed to do, you became frustrated that you had ‘wasted’ time when you should have been working.

Even now, as you type what I am saying, there is a voice inside your head that is saying “It is late; you have much to do. Why are you talking with Cho? Does he pay you money? No! Then why are you allocating your time this way?”

He is right. I am still unsettled, unfocused. Wanting to go and eat something. I drink from the mug of cold tea that is by my side and take a deep breath. These classes are harder than I remember. I am tense, anxious, feel pressured and rushed.

“This is because you have published the book, child!” Cho smiled, and I felt his compassion. “I am no longer a figment of your imagination, but a character that you have placed on the world stage. You feel pressure. Will someone else read these words? Will they say that I am inadequate?”

He smiled softly. “I, Cho, care nothing for this. Say my words are repetitive and banal if you wish. I am speaking as I need to. I am speaking the same lesson over and over. It is a simple lesson to teach, but one that is very hard to learn: Keep silence in your soul.”

“Are you not going to add to not be greedy and not to fear?” I asked, remembering the key messages that he had spoken again and again in the book.

He laughed. “You wanted me too, didn’t you? You anticipated and started to write for me. But when the words did not come you realized that you were trying to take control!”

Life unedited.

He was right. I had wanted him to give a nice, neat, quotable series of statements and had started to write a second one before realizing that it was not Cho, that I was trying to force my own preconceptions of what he was going to say onto the written page. I discovered this because I was deleting and rewriting, trying to make the sentence correct. When Cho speaks there is no editing.

“Do you try to edit your life?” The question popped into my brain.

“How can I edit life?” I asked back. “Life happens, I can not control it. I try, sure. But it doesn’t always work. Everyone knows this.”

“Life unedited flows like when I speak to you and you write. There is no pausing, no correcting words, no thinking about what is to come next or what is just past. This is life unedited, this is life lived in the moment.”

He asked again: “Do you try to edit your life?”

“I do,” I admitted. “I am always plotting ahead and trying to right the mistakes of the past. Yes. We all do.”

“So what if you don’t?” Cho questioned. “What if you let life guide you to unknown places like you let me take your fingers and words while writing. Is this allowed?”

“No, it is not allowed!” I shook my head and laughed. “I must plan, it would be irresponsible not to think about the future. This is what made mankind successful as a species, right? That we could plan ahead for the hard winter or visualize plans for a better life. So no, I can not let life guide me. Not now.”

Cho laughed with me. “Then your lesson is over for today,” he said. “Think about this. Think about how you can let go and let life guide you rather than you guiding life. It is possible, and it is positive.”





Taking Action

After many years procrastinating, making excuses, and flat-out refusing, I took the huge step of publishing a collection of the spiritual lessons I received about three years ago. It’s live now, for sale on Amazon as a spiritual book under the title: Classes with Cho.

I did it.

Do you like it? I will be honest that putting this book out in public scared me. What if no-one read it? Worse; what if everyone read it? What if people judged me and laughed at me …?

Are you roadblocked by the same fears?

I had a teacher (a physical one) say to me once that being judged is a compliment because it shows that people are noticing your actions. If you are being noticed, you must be making an impact. How others receive your actions or your message is unimportant, what is important is that you are taking action and spreading your knowledge. Wise advice. But it’s one thing to hear wise words, and another again to act on them.

Incidentally (or maybe not), this is a theme of the book. Knowing right action, and taking right action goes beyond personal procrastination and into how you live your life every day. It’s a responsibility most of us can’t handle.

It took the encouragement of friends and a self-imposed deadline to make me hit the “publish” button on the Amazon Direct Publishing site. I did it to prove to myself that I could, but also because I truly felt that I had been given a responsibility by the voices that spoke to me and gave me the lessons. They asked me to publish it, so I had to. I would have been too scared to do it for myself.

So today I am challenging you to be brave enough to take action on things you know are right, whether they are easy or not.

What right action have you been refusing to do?

It could be something big, or something very small. Sometimes it just takes a small amount more effort to do something that has a positive impact. I thought this today when my morning peace was shattered by a neighbor blowing his driveway with a gas leaf blower. If he had swept his driveway instead he would have expended more of his energy and time, but the benefits would have gone way beyond my selfish one of wanting to drink my coffee with the sound of birds and leaves whispering in the morning breeze. The immediate ones I can think of are: less use of global resources; less pollution; more exercise and therefore potentially better health, and one less plastic product that will eventually end up in a landfill.

I am as guilty as anyone, probably more than most. The ecological footprint calculator says my lifestyle uses the equivalent resources of 5.4 earths, which is obviously unsustainable. Yet I consider myself frugal by Western standards. I hardly ever use climate control, drive a car that gets 40 mpg, car-pool regularly, and walk or use non-electric or gas-powered products when I can.

Fear and greed are a recurrent theme in the book, and it seems to me that they are the basis of what stops us from taking what we know is right action. Fear of failure, or of success. Greed because so many of us live intensive lifestyles that require multiple earths to sustain, and so few of us are willing to sacrifice our creature comforts.

It makes the task of creating a better earth seem unattainable, doesn’t it? Are we are past the point of no return? Is the little we are willing to do insignificant against the massive draw that humanity places on the earth each day? Read the book and see what Cho says about this. It’s interesting.




Inaction, Impatience and Acceptance

Are We All Destined for Greatness?

A few months ago I wrote a post about Birthing my Dragon. This was, of course, a metaphor for harnessing my own potential. The vision was clear in my mind: I would soar effortlessly to greatness with the fearlessness of a warrior Queen (aka Daenerys Targaryen) self-publishing ever more successful novels as my adoring audience grew wider. It seemed feasible, logical, and attainable. At least, that is what I thought. Fast forward three months and here I am, feet still firmly on the ground.

What happened to my dragon?

There’s no easy answer. If there was, I’d be a New York Times Bestseller (or at least Amazon top 100) and publishing articles on Huffpost instead of in some backwater lonely blog hidden in the hinterlands of WP. Instead of writing I have spent the last three months sunk into a swirl of emotional turmoil unable to accomplish much more than write the internet quizzes that (just barely) pay my bills.

I argued with my spiritual teacher.

I argued with my husband.

I argued with myself.

I spent wasted hours stuck in navel contemplation of my failings in life.

I wanted to run away. I wanted to quit life. I resented everything that I thought took me away from being successful, including my own fear and inability to act.

Finally I pulled my head out of the place I’d had it stuck for what seemed like forever, and realised that I was stuck because I was equating success with acclaim. I was looking for external events that told me I was successful. I thought I needed others to recognise my talents and cheer as I rode my dragon. I thought I needed to earn money (and lots of it) as people rushed to pay me just for being amazing me.


I looked back on the past six months of spiritual courses, and realised that none of it honoured the work I do for others daily, it was all about focusing on me.

Now, before you misunderstand me here, I know that as a woman, wife, and mother I need to give myself permission to focus on myself. I had sacrificed so much for so long that I absolutely needed to turn the focus onto me. But I had come to resent spending time on anything that was not about me and my goals, and this is what had lead me into the spiral of self-doubt. I wanted to achieve greatness, but I thought to do that I had to leave my path as a wife and mother.

There were two fallacies that I was believing.

First, that success equated external recognition, and second that a spiritual path and honouring myself and following my passion was impossible unless I was single.

Yes, I need to honour time for me, time writing and feeding my passion so that I am empowered and happy. I also need to honour the time and energy I spend in the work of being a woman, wife, and mother and stop see it as a distraction that takes away from my focus on achieving my full potential.

Balancing being a giving mother, a loving wife and a strong woman is achievement enough. If I can juggle the demands of work and family and still have time for myself, then I am achieving my full potential. Focusing on myself and my goals is important, but I must not withdraw and resent the time and energy I spend on my family and our home.

I will publish novels, and I will write. But I don’t have to receive awards and acclaim for my writing to be successful. Just allowing my passion to flow through my writing is enough.

I will love my family and be a great mother and wife, and it is okay to take the focus away from my goals in order to do that. Sacrifice is not sacrifice when you do it with love.

We are all destined for greatness, but greatness is not fame and fortune. 

Achieving your full potential doesn’t need to arrive with a fanfare and a first-class ticket to luxury. Achieving your potential can be a small thing, and it is different for each one of us. For me it is an inner smile as I rise and kiss my son awake in the morning, pride in my tidy and welcoming home, and the satisfaction of an hour or two spent focused on myself and fulfilling my passion. This is enough.

Achieving your potential is about balance and flow; taking care of yourself and others. Being for yourself and others. Loving yourself, and others. Giving and receiving. Sowing and reaping. Being grateful for what you have, and opening your heart to more.







The Gift: Questioning a Master

I can still smell the rot of flowers

even though you are a thousand miles away

and lifetimes of

I should have known

chide me with half-memories of long-ago hurt.


You burst in with the glow of sunrise in my soul

and dazzled I saw only what I wanted to see:

The real you.


You were a shining drop of Now,

back then.


Future success was obvious,

your attraction magnetic

as you spoke secrets into our eager ears.


Now came and went, and came again,

permanent in its impermanence.


It can’t be easy being a Master

when so many choose to follow without discrimination,

without stopping to question the truths you scatter like dandelion seeds in the wind.


They do not see the slow creep of avarice

as you descend to the halls of Mammon that glitter as prettily as purity of purpose.


I always question.

What more is possible now?


He loves me.

He loves me not?


He trusts me.

He trusts me not?


I present the mirror, and

angrily you

banish me.


Do you expect me to be sad?


You have set me free

and you are no longer my Master.

My teacher,

My guide.


I smile and dance to my own song under the moonlight that twinkles in amusement

at my blithe indifference to her Siren call.


Lessons learned once, twice, thrice,

are lessons never learned at all.

Level Two – Birthing my Dragon

As a woman, I would watch Daenerys Targaryen and wish I could have her power.

Is it just me, or do we all secretly want to be the Queen? A Queen like Daenerys, of course. A mythical, powerful woman who not only rules with a strong, just hand but also owns her sexuality and  – here’s the kicker – rides around on a dragon.

Like that wouldn’t be cool, right? Yeah, I want to see everyone’s faces when I walk alive from the funeral pyre, or land in front of them seated on the back of a massive fire-breathing dragon.

I used to think that was stupid, a fairy-tale that was impossible for me to attain, and worse, I would judge myself and feel ashamed of what I thought was a megalomaniac tendency on my part. Who was I to think that I was worthy of riding the dragon? Of being the strong woman in control of my life and my sexuality?

Then I got it. My power was there, my dragon waiting for me. The only thing holding me back was me.

So maybe my dragon isn’t a fire-breathing monster I hatch from an egg.  Or maybe it is. Birthing your passion is scary, and the metaphor of allowing the monster within you the freedom to fly is an apt one.

There is a HUGE fear around being a powerful woman. I come from a society and generation where as a girl I was most definitely not supposed to stand tall and shout out “Look at me! I am fucking awesome!”   If I did that, everyone around me would look away in a slightly embarrassed manner. Kind of like if you let out an unexpected fart in public – everyone around you pretends it didn’t happen.


And so you learn that to be in your authentic self and proud of it is somehow shameful and not accepted. So maybe you bury your fire and lock your dragons away in the dungeons, chained in the dark.

Daenarys’ dragon escaped, and she paid the price when she saw the burned bones of the child that Rhaegar scorched. But awesome power has an element of danger, and we must embrace that as we learn to fly. Safety has no place when you’re riding a dragon. If you want to be safe you wouldn’t feel the need to climb onto the damn thing in the first place.

Break free. Claim your power. Embrace your destiny. Ride your dragon.

I’ll see you up there in the skies.



Life is Magical!

We walk through our days blinded, thinking that our actions are prosaic – boring and meaningless – when we should dance for joy and celebrate that our lives are poetry in motion.

There is no such thing as ordinary in our universe. You, especially, are most extra-ordinary. You shine your light for everyone around you. Look!  Open your eyes and see what is beyond the veil you have draw across your vision. See how the life sparkles in each leaf, how each sound is a song. You sparkle, you sing! Each action you take is a thread of silver that runs through the universe, weaving its way into the fabric that forms us all. Throw up your arms and celebrate!  For today is the day you embrace the power that runs through us all. We are ALL beings of light. We ALL reflect the universe.

A wise man once told me to live life as if it is a mirror.
What do you want your mirror to reflect? 

The sunniest of days begin with fog. Moisture that nourishes. Embrace the cloudy times and know that the balance is required. Clouds bring rain, and rain is essential for growth. Sunshine is always there – you just need to look beyond the clouds.






Why there are no answers

I have been on an intense journey the past months, and as my focus delved inward my mind spat question after question. “Why? Why? Why?” I demanded continually of the earthly guide who has volunteered to lead me through this journey for the now.

He patiently answered me, until yesterday.  He had asked me to describe who I was, now. I answered, of course, that I was who I am and who I will always be, and the external changes that have occurred over the past months are just me being more me. Then I demanded that he answer the same question. “Who are YOU?” I asked. He demurred. I called BS. (It’s always good to call BS on your spiritual leaders; if they are true then they will laugh.) He laughed. But he still refused to answer, sending me away with the words: “You are your own spiritual guide. No more answers for now.”

I fumed as I walked away. He pushes my buttons, as a good teacher will do, forcing you to examine what you are missing within yourself. Spiritual teachers hold no greater or lesser knowledge than the student, they just have the ability to hold a mirror for you to see your true self and your infinite abilities.

I circled in frustration for an hour or so, then sat in calmness. That was when I remembered this blog. Remembered that I have the ability to ask questions of the universe, and receive the answers from deep within. So I picked up my pen and asked. The answer came, written in lemon yellow ink onto the page of my journal:

 “These are the words that I speak and that there are no answers because answers place boundaries and the knowledge you seek has no boundaries.

I laughed, and resisted the urge to immediately text this to my teacher with the note: “Now THIS is what you should have told me!” He is human, after all, and his imperfections only make him more perfect.

Now, in this moment, I am asking for expansion on this for me, and for you. I want to be sure that I not only understand this in my head, but that the rightness of the answer resonates through my body. For we are part of the same, wholeness, oneness. I am the universe… and so are you.

So, I ask the question. “What is the answer?” The voice speaks:

The answer comes in many forms and may guises. It can be a feather that floats on the wind and lands in front of you. It can be an attacker that enters in the night to take your life. The answer is neither good, nor bad. The answer is a twist in the path, a turn that leads only to more questions and more… The answer is you. You choose the turns your life takes, but do you choose from a point of fullness or emptiness?

The answer will change. From moment to moment. But it is always the same.

There is no answer, and the answer is you.

Laugh, child, laugh, at the absurdity of the universe. For how can everything be possible if nothing is possible? How can light be dark, and dark light?  All that is needed is to understand that it can be so, that it IS so.       

All is duality. The push and pull of ying and yang, dark and light, self and infinity, earth and spirit. We move outwards into our lives on earth, and inward into the depths of the infinite spirit. We flow. We dance between them. We transcend the question, and we become the answer.

“The biggest addiction is the polarity of the mind….” reads the text from my earth teacher, “wanting something, not wanting something…”

I want… I do not want…

I sit in silence listening only to my inner voice. MY voice. Me. I know everything, and I know nothing. My body laughs. I understand, one small step.

I need nothing. I deserve everything.

I am empowerment

As the days drift past I find I am living in haze through which only the occasional light penetrates. Today was a day when a beam of light struck through and illuminated my path clearly.

Have you ever encountered the energy of a person for the first time, and KNOWN on a pure spiritual level that person is important to you?

Many years ago, the phone rang while I was being interviewed for an internship. I never heard the voice on the other end, but my intuition yelled “You must meet this person!” My intuition was correct. When I met the unknown energy that had been on the other end of the phone, the connection was instant and came from many shared lifetimes. Today my friend recounted meeting a spiritual leader in a taxi, and I felt the same way. With the immediacy afforded by social media, I connected and enrolled in his course of study. Maybe one day we too will meet. But for now I know my path is to experience his teachings and be a silent student amidst the many.

Step by step. One forward, two back. Slowly the veil will lift.

I am open. I am empowerment. Join me.




My (scattered) thoughts

Sometimes my mind is a whirl, and I find it so hard to sit down and write. I am a writer – both for a living and for my own pleasure – and although I know creativity shouldn’t be a chore, I have discovered that unless I can quiet my mind, the inspiration does not come, and the words do not flow.

This is twice as true for these messages. I become caught up in my roles of wife, mother, worker, and friend, and although these activities may be enjoyable, and my life full of laughter, the silent time for listening is pushed away. Then on the day that I take time to sit and open myself, I wait… and no voices speak. My mind can not calm and my fingers remain still. I am too scattered, too distant from the truth inside me to be able to communicate.  I know by allowing myself to become caught in the electromagnetic whirl of life that blasts my aura into wisps clinging to my body like mist, I am essentially ignoring the wisdom that can come through me. And the voices – whoever they are – become frustrated with me.

I feel like a wayward child who is ignoring its mother’s instructions. I have been told repeatedly about the value of silence, and still I do not incorporate regular meditation into my day. Why? What lesson do I have to learn before I can acknowledge the importance of what I know is true?

I believe that the messages I receive are from souls (spirits? beings? gods?) who are not necessarily any different from you or I, but they DO have access to more information than us. There are many who channel words of wisdom who stand and say their messages are from advanced beings, or enlightened masters. But I do not claim this, because I do not know who they are. The voices change, each time a difference speaker, a different lesson, or the same lesson spoken in different words. These messages are information we all know but have forgotten. A child is a reincarnated soul, and that soul knows that fire burns from the experiences of a multitude of previous lifetimes, but each lifetime the body has to learn again the basic lessons of survival. So on a spiritual level, we know the knowledge that is given to us by those we name as ascended masters, enlightened beings, gods or saints or spirits… We only need to listen to those who guide us to learn again those lessons for spiritual survival that allow our soul to grow strong.

I believe we are all advanced souls. Those of us on earth especially, because we have chosen to take this hard journey, to forgo the silent bliss that exists outside of incarnation, and subject ourselves to the pain and stress of living in the chaos of this physical plane. You may not feel as if your soul is advanced, but I believe you are. We all are. From the meth-addicted loner who lives on the streets to the soft-skinned lady reclining in her chair at the nail salon. Each of us has chosen a path, from the moment we selected our place and time of birth, through each decision that has brought us to where we are today. Your path is yours alone, but the goal is the same: learning the truth of the universe.

We are beings who choose to learn, lifetime after lifetime we search for the essential truths of our being. We take risks, sacrifice, and endure pain in order to experience and through experience to learn.

I will take a breath and be silent. The calm will return if I focus and grant it value.

The Value of Loss

Sit down and take a seat. Relax! You have earned a rest, no? And resting while you learn is a productive thing.

Today we are talking about loss. More importantly, we are talking about how loss is a good thing. Loss allows us – no, forces us – to stop and re-evaluate where we are and what we are doing. Be it such a small thing: You lose your keys! What do you do? You stop. You are forced to stop. You can no longer run to the car and jump in and go. You have to pause and think.

Where was I?

What was I doing?  

And in that silent reflection you realise how your mind and your life are whirling, and in that whirl you have lost track not only of your keys, but the greater sense of who you are and where you are going. 

Today there are many who are experiencing loss, and not loss of a small replaceable item such as keys, but loss of their homes, their families, their work. Across the world the news brings images and words filled with sorrows and pain in multitude. Horror heaped upon horror. Do not look aside. Do not shrug, content and warm in your own small self-contained universe. You are next.

When it happens, and it will happen, for all are in a series of changes or re-inventions as the world flips itself into a new cycle of peace and nature-reign. When it happens, you will not be prepared (for you can never prepare fully) but you will be able to accept your loss. For those who depart this life are but preparing to be born anew, and the loss of material things makes space for the spiritual to enter.

Are you hearing?  Today the earthquake, the tornado, the flood may have affected others, but tomorrow it may touch your life. Soft long fingers stretch out and ask you, challenge you: Are you ready to accept the new? Let go of the old?

The parting can be painful, or it can be accepted as part of the natural cycle. Does the tree mourn the loss of its beautiful leaves when autumn winds pull them forcefully from its branches? No, because it recognises that winter is but a passage it must pass through before the rebirth and rejuvenation of spring.

Life is part of nature, and your life contains seasons. I do not speak of the seasons of youth, adulthood, and wise maturity. I speak of the seasons of heat and cold, of plenty and of lack. These seasons come and go. You may have a tropical soul where you cycle fast and irregularly, bouncing from fruitful to barren within a few months, or you may be a solid and stable soul who spends an entire lifetime in one state. Whatever your personal choice of cycle  -and it may depend on the lessons you are choosing for this bodytime – do not feel fortunate or unfortunate. You may be blessed now, but you have suffered in the past to experience this bliss, and you will cycle again.

Loss is important, as important as rebirth. Honour it and although we know you can not rejoice in it, at least understand that loss is the necessary opposite of gain. Existence is multi-faceted, and each face brings different experiences. Balance is the only constant.

Be quiet, be still. I will return.

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